Call us at: (773) 512-1419 or Email us at:

Call us at: (773) 512-1419 or
Email us at:
Why use a Independent Vehicle Adjuster to settle your auto claim?
As Independent Vehicle Adjusters, we are experienced in negotiating claims with insurance companies. Together, with the best knowledge and the best negotiating skills, we can ensure a fair settlement of your auto claim.
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The days of having to contest questionable offers from your insurance company on your own without professional assistance are over.
No matter what type of accident, simply call us at
(773) 512-1419 and let us defend your property interests following an automobile accident. This is an area that lawyers avoid, but can cost you thousands in under-assessed losses.

What We Offer

  • Insurance adjuster
  • Body work repair
  • Rental car available
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Antique car estimates for insurance purposes
  • Multiple locations for your convenience

Contact Us:

Call: (773) 512-1419


Contact Us:

(773) 512-1419